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Roof Hatches

Roof Hatches

An appropriately designed and properly installed roof hatch increases safety by allowing for roof access without the use of traditional ladders. This allows for easier inspection and maintenance of roof systems and other critical rooftop equipment.

Roof Hatch Functionality:

A properly installed roof hatch system provides the same or better moisture control integrity than the roof system that surrounds it. Design and installation are critical components regarding longevity, and proper flashing and detail work ensures that your roof hatch will last for many years, and probably multiple re-roof cycles.

Roof Hatch Safety

Fully secured roof hatches keep your maintenance personnel safer and less prone to fall accidents. The traditional "wobble" of portable ladders is taken out of the equation and gives you quick access to your rooftop. Lock systems can also be integrated to keep unwanted persons from gaining access to your roof.

Proper Roof Hatch Installation:

With many options for roof hatch replacement, installation and care, Saddleback Roofing has the experience to devise an appropriate plan for practically any roof setting. Call us today and let's discuss your needs.

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